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Health Insurance

Health Insurance (Pre-ACA)

Health Insurance (Pre-ACA) Types of Insurance Coverage (non-elderly 2012) Employer Sponsored 58.4% Self-Pay 7.3% Medicaid 17.7% Medicare, Veterans Administration, Other 4.9% None 17.7% efore the Affordable Care Act, there were three types of private insurance markets, which were regulated by the state. Large Groups (most large employers do not buy their own insurance, they are…

Introduction to Private Health Insurance

Introduction to Private Health Insurance  During the Post Civil War Era: There were prepaid sickness funds, medical funds for specific industries such as railroads and lumber. This was the only form of health insurance at the time. The first Blue Cross plan began for a teachers union in 1929, soon followed by Kaiser Permanente in…

History of Financing in Healthcare

History of Financing in Healthcare 1940s – During WWII, there were price freezes so when employers wanted to employ the few remaining workers, they offered health insurance as an incentive. This was important to workers because hospitals and treatments had become expensive. 1960s – The U.S. launched a “War on Poverty” and many of the poor were…

Economics of Healthcare

Economics of Healthcare

Economics of Healthcare Markets and Market Failure in healthcare In most markets, demand and supply functions determine market equilibrium (price and quantity of goods produced). But there is no demand for healthcare without consulting a physician first. This results in a market failure. Physician Agency Patients rely on physicians to tell them what medication to…

Costs and Benefits of Expanding Medicaid

Analyzing the Medicaid Expansion

ealth insurance protects us from the financial risk of falling sick but you need a diverse pool of risk for insurance to work since some people will draw in more benefits than others. A small percentage of the population will use a large proportion of the cost. Costs and Benefits of Expanding Medicaid Benefits of…

Medicaid Costs

edicaid was created through the Social Security Amendments of 1965 created Medicaid by adding Title XIX to the Social Security Act. The Medicaid program was considered to be an afterthought when Medicare was drafted but today the Medicaid program is bigger than Medicare, and with Affordable Care Act, it will become even bigger. The Federal government pays for…

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