iPod Prices Around The World

The iPod has become a Worldwide Phenomenon

Apple has been roughly selling over 50 million iPods annually for the past four years. Apple sells iPods across 103 countries (officially through the country’s individual Apple store page). They come in different sizes, capacities, colors and most importantly prices. Since an iPod nano (8GB), is the same product in all countries, shouldn’t it be priced closely?

Our Assumptions

The assumption here is that there are no transportation costs (very hypothetical) and trade flows freely across all borders (i.e., no tariffs). It is fair also to assume has a large market share and monopoly power all over the world in mp3 players, so demand shouldn’t affect price as much.

Note: All prices indicated are exclusive of taxes. The exchange rate used is the average nominal current rate.

Canada is USA’s biggest trade partner, and yet the iPod isn’t comparatively that cheap.

The next step would be to find out what are the sources for the price differences, create a Purchasing Power Parity index using the iPod and compare it to the World Bank’s estimates. This can be found here.

iPod Prices Around The World

The Americas

[i class=”fa-apple”] USA – $149

[i class=”fa-apple”] Canada – $163 (C$159)

[i class=”fa-apple”] Puerto Rico – $149

[i class=”fa-apple”] Argentina – $365 (1499 Argentine Peso)

[i class=”fa-apple”] Brazil – $207 (R$ 329)

[i class=”fa-apple”] Mexico – $167 (1972 Mexican Peso)

[alert type=”info”]The iPod is the cheapest in the USA [/alert]



[i class=”fa-apple”] UK – $166 (£103)

[i class=”fa-apple”] France – $179 (€125)*

[i class=”fa-apple”] Spain – $179 (€125)*

[i class=”fa-apple”] Italy – $184 (€128)*

[i class=”fa-apple”] Germany – $182 (€127)*

[i class=”fa-apple”] Switzerland – $190 (CHF 160)

[alert type=”info”]The iPod is the cheapest in the UK[/alert]

*In Spain, an iPod costs €159 (incl. €34 tax), in France €169 (incl. €44 tax), in Italy €169 (incl. €44 tax), in Germany €159 (incl. €32 tax)


[i class=”fa-apple”] China* – $164 (1067RMB)

[i class=”fa-apple”] Hong Kong – $157 (1228 HKD)

[i class=”fa-apple”] Japan – $163 (¥13143)

[i class=”fa-apple”] Korea – $168 (₩181,786)

[i class=”fa-apple”] Australia – $172 (A$163)

[alert type=”info”]The iPod is the cheapest in Hong Kong[/alert]

*China manufactures iPods

Africa, Middle East & India

[i class=”fa-apple”] Israel – $234 (799 ILS)

[i class=”fa-apple”] South Africa – $185 (1249 Rand)

[i class=”fa-apple”] India – $224 (Indian Rupee symbol.svg10,000)

The iPod is the cheapest in South Africa

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