oil will we ever run out

Peak Oil: Will We Ever Run Out?

As oil becomes scarcer, and as the Laws of Demand tell us, the price of oil will continue to rise. To combat this, on the demand side, we can try to find substitutes to use instead of oil. While on the supply side, we can either try to find more reserve or come up with more substitutes. We would only...
uber price discrimination strategy

Uber Price Discrimination Strategy

As of December 2014, Uber was available in 53 countries and more than 200 cities worldwide. Back in 2009, when Uber was founded it started off only with 'black cars', i.e. private limos. In 2012, Uber launched the UberX program which allowed almost anyone to sign up as a driver. This greatly increased Uber's popularity and...

The iPod Index

In my previous post, using the nominal exchange rate we could compare the prices of iPods across countries. That was the simple version, and since it doesn't take inflation into account it won't be as accurate. By calculating the Real Exchange Rate, we can get a more accurate answer to the question; which country has...
Economics of Buying vs Renting a Textbook

Economics of Buying vs Renting a Textbook

As a college student, textbooks form one of the largest percentages of expenses (excluding tuition and housing). This leads to the very confusion question of when does it make sense to buy and when does it make sense to rent? Let's examine the economics of buying vs renting a textbook by first analyzing the unique problem in the...
URL Shortener

How To Create Your Own Free Vanity URL

What is a Vanity URL? A vanity URL is a customized web address that includes the name of your business for marketing, branding, and search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. They are usually short and descriptive, and can easily be recognized as part of your business's branding A vanity URL is easier to remember, easier to share and...

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