The 25 Best Economics Podcasts Of 2017

Since our inaugural list of “The 25 Best Economics Podcasts Of 2016” was so well received, I’ve decided to update the list for 2017. The 2017 Best Economics Podcasts is here to provide you with a current view of some of your favorite podcasts along with the addition of a few new contenders; including those that have come highly recommended by readers. As with the 2016 list, I’ve tried to include podcasts representative of varied topics, political affiliations, and beliefs to create a balanced list. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.

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Note: The podcasts are not ranked in any order simply because the publicly available data about these blogs like social media presence or search ranking are vanity metrics and don’t reflect the hard work the author puts into her/his podcast. However, the main criteria are quality and consistency of podcasts created.

The 25 Best Economics Podcasts of 2017

Planet Money


NPR’s Planet Money is designed to inform and educate individuals on the economy in a straightforward, consumer-friendly manner. Tune-in for current economic news and interesting financial content in an easy to understand format.



The Financial Time’s Alphachat is a weekly brief on business and economics. Alphachat presents new and interesting topics each week and includes guests who offer a broad view of global markets and financial news for the business-minded individual.

Freakonomics Radio


Freakonomics Radio is an award-winning podcast hosted by Stephen Dubner, the author of Freakonomics. The podcast explores economics and human nature on a varied topics through interviews with a cross-section of notable entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, and experts. Using his best-selling book as a guide, Dubner consistently reveals the unique side of finance and economics in a conversational manner.

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs


Exchanges at Goldman Sachs is a podcast with an educational format in which company experts share insight on developing issues from across the globe.  Discussions revolve around industry-specific news, financial markets, and the impact of regulation and policy on the global economy.

Bloomberg Benchmark


Bloomberg Benchmark is a detail-oriented podcast for the economics enthusiast. This weekly podcast provides insight into timely economic ideologies and global constructs, and the policies that regulate and manage them.

WSJ Your Money Matters


The economic podcast, Your Money Matters, is presented by the Wall Street Journal and delves into economic issues ranging from personal finance to global financial markets. If you want to keep up with today’s economic issues and understand current market trends, this listener-friendly podcast is for you.

The Money on Radio National


The Money delves into the Australian economy, how it works, and how the financial landscape of Australia relates to the global economy. Research and investigation into the Australian financial market offers revelations into the rest of the world in terms of the consequences of economic systems and the means to succeed in a global marketplace.

New Books in Economics


Marshall Poe delivers an interesting podcast centered around interviews with experts and trusted economists about their new books as well as discussions on timely subjects surrounding the economy in general. Listeners are treated to an array of trending topics and updated information in addition to a glimpse of the most recent takes on financial matters offered through new works.

More or Less


Hosted by BBC Radio, this podcast uses statistics to provide its wide-ranging audience a glimpse of economic issues in relation to society.  Updated weekly, the podcast notes the real-time effect of current financial markets on society and highlights potential consequences of ongoing trends.

Slate Money


Slate Money, hosted by Felix Salmon, simplifies economic policies and the financial market for the benefit of the average listener. Highly recommended, this podcast dives into a wide-range of local and world economic issues including news and unpredictable finance-related reports.

Economist Radio


Economist Radio, a product of the Economist magazine, discusses a diverse range of financial topics including economic policy and politics to enlighten listeners on important economic issues and the global economy.

Economics Amplified


The Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics, a staple of the University of Chicago, supports the Economics Amplified podcast as a means to offer insights into the word of economics, financial markets, and trending ideas that impact Chicago and the country at large. This riveting podcast’s research-based material is highly  informative and reliable.

The Weeds


Ezra Klein, Sarah Kliff, and Matthew Yglesias host this semiweekly podcast on economic policy. The Weeds is an important source for current information on social and political topics and how the policies and leanings of those in power contribute to the financial atmosphere of the country and individual experience.

Montana Economic Minute


The Bureau of Business and Economic Research within the School of Business Administration at the University of Montana, Missoula, produces this podcast. Financial data, that includes economic forecasts for Montana and the United States as whole, is covered by trusted economists from the bureau.

IMF Podcasts


International Monetary Fund economists and guest experts discuss key financial policy and global economic markets. Topics include relevant national and world issues that influence economic markets such as energy, climate change, and studies on big data.

CGD Podcast


In this weekly podcast, Rajesh Mirchandani, CGD vice president of communications and policy outreach for the Center for Global Development, interviews experts on issues related to the practices and policies of international corporations and financial institutions that impact society and have the potential to influence poverty and inequality on a global level.

Nomura Weekly Economics Podcast


Nomura, an Asia-headquartered global investment bank, offers this podcast to inform listeners and provide a global outlook on financial markets and economic systems worldwide as a means to link Eastern and Western markets and philosophies. An integrated network that spans more than 30 countries, Nomura has interests in the retail, wholesale, and asset management markets. Company executives from around the world provide the material for this informative podcast.

Peter Schiff


The economist, Peter Schiff, hosts this podcast as a follow-up to his daily two-hour radio show. The entertaining format focuses on current economic topics and data analysis in an unbiased, straightforward look at financial news and happenings in the U.S. market and global concerns.

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal


Host Kai Ryssdal and the Marketplace radio team produce this podcast on the business and economic news of the day in a laid back, enjoyable format. Marketplace covers broad economic trends and news stories relevant to personal finances. New podcast episodes are offered Monday- Friday.

The Economics Detective


This interview platform podcast with Garrett Petersen is designed for audiences with a more advanced understanding of economics ad global securities. The informative format addresses current economic and financial trends and topics for avid listeners with a penchant for economic subject matter.



The Library of Economics and Liberty produces EconTalk, hosted by Russ Roberts. The weekly conversational podcast features one-on-one interviews with a wide-range of authors and credible experts. Roberts presents information on topical book titles and themes, news, and common practices to illustrate economic principles to the general public. Listeners are encouraged to join in the conversation through online comment and man-on-the-street interviews.

Who Makes Cents


Who Makes Cents is a “History of Capitalism” podcast hosted by David Stein and Betsy Beasley. This podcast takes a deep dive into the ideology of capitalism, influential capitalists, and the politics and economics that affect the economy and society at large. A unique and focused economic podcast, Who Makes Cents is a monthly offering for those interested in U.S. history and capitalism.

Economic Update


The Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff began 2011, and is today heard on more than 80 stations nationwide. Wolff aims to empower listeners through educating and informing them on the economic issues that affect their lives, communities, and the national economy. With a focus on jobs, wages, taxes, interest rates, debt, consumer pricing, and profits, the podcast explores everyday life in relation to the economy in understandable terms.

Macro Musings


David Beckworth, of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, hosts this macroeconomic centered podcast. Macro Musings looks to noted economists and academic leaders to reveal important economic trends throughout history as well as today’s market.  The bent of the podcast is highly conservative given its relation to the Mercatus Center think-tank known for its affiliation with, and financial support by, Koch Industries and other conservative corporations.

The Lara-Murphy Show


The Lara and Murphy show offers insight into the “Austrian” school of thought on economics. Hosted by Carlos Lara (CEO of United Services and Trust Corporation) and Professor Robert P. Murphy (Research Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University), the podcast provides discussion on advanced economic concepts and issues for general, audiences, breaking-down otherwise complex issues and financial news.

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