Top 100 Economics Blogs of 2016

Update (06/06/2017): The Top 100 Economics Blogs Of 2017 is now live.

If you’re looking for practical, insightful and educational economics blogs, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 100 best economics blogs online, listed in no particular order. Today, as you know, there’s no shortage of high-quality economics blogs on the web. But we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute cream of the crop. Whether you’re new to economics, or have an interest in a range of economics topics like microeconomics and macroeconomics, or simply want to keep up with global economics, these economics blogs give you the rundown, insights and explanations you need to get a good understanding of economics.

Update (05/31/2016): The criteria for the blogs in the list included consistent publishing frequency, i.e. the authors should have posted at least once a month so far in the year, popularity of blogs (partly based on blogroll links), size of readership (available social media data) and previous awards won. I have tried to include blogs of all sizes and topics to create a well-balanced list ranging from healthcare to financial economics.

established media economics blogs

These economics blogs are hosted or have been created by media companies like business magazines or newspapers.

Conscience of a Liberal

Conscience of a Liberal is one of the best economics blogs on the web. It is a New York Times column written for wider audiences, is authored by Paul Krugman. Paul is an American economist who was awarded the Nobel Economics Prize in 2008 and is known in academia for his work on international economics. He is also a Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Popular topics: income distribution, taxation, macroeconomics, and international economics.

Pro Tip: Great for Beginners

Real Time Economics

As a blog of the Wall Street Journal, this blog analyzes a wide range of topics and is frequently updated. This incredibly informative blog dives deep into topics while remaining accessible to a wider audience. An excellent resource for those looking to remain informed about the economics news around the world.

Popular topics: U.S. and global economy, central bank policy and economics.

Pro Tip: Great for Beginners

Free Exchange

Free exchange is an economics blog by The Economist. The posts are written in short form by some of The Economist’s leading reporters. The blog features reasoned argument and empirical evidence and  also features a weekly 10 minute podcast.

Popular topics: Global economics and public policy.

Thomas Piketty’s blog

Hosted by French daily newspaper Le Monde, Thomas Piketty’s blog is authored by a French economist named Thomas Piketty. Piketty is the author of the best-selling book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, which focuses on wealth concentrations and distribution over the past 250 years. The posts focus on Mr. Piketty’s take on current social and political issues in France, Europe and the world.

Popular topics: Current social, economic and political issues in the world.


FiveThirtyEight, created by Nate Silver, who is best known for election forecasts such as the 2012 presidential election in which FiveThirtyEight correctly predicted the vote winner of all 50 states. The site regularly publishes articles by creating or analyzing statistical information on a wide variety of topics in current politics and economic news.

Popular topics: Federal economics policies and economics

Pro Tip: Check out the In Real Terms column, which analyzes the week in economic news

Bloomberg View Economics

The Bloomberg View economics blog is an opinion driven column about economic issues, news and policies from around the world. The articles are easy to follow and often feature rich graphs, making it easier to convey data.

Popular topics: Global economic policy, environmental economcis

institutional economics blogs

The following economics blogs have been created by a variety of intuitions, most of which are governmental or research focussed.

Ben Bernanke’s Blog

Ben Bernanke is an American economist at the Brookings Institution who served two terms as chairman of the Federal Reserve from 2006 to 2014. Mr. Bernanke oversaw the Federal Reserve’s response to the 2007-2008 financial crisis. His blog covers his thoughts on Federal Reserve policy, China’s economy and European economic policy.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, finance, and policy

Liberty Street Economics

Liberty Street Economics, is an economics blog that is hosted by the New York Federal Reserve, features insight and analysis from economists on economics research and public policy. The blog posts are largely data driven explanations of the current economy and economic news.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, international economics, economic history, policy

Mises Institute

The Mises Wire is a blog publication by the Mises Instituion which promotes teaching and research in the Austrian school of economics. The posts apply Austrian economic theory on current or historical events.

Popular topics: Austrian economics, libertarian political economics


EconLog is a daily blog of The Library of Economics and Liberty. Written by Bryan Caplan, David Henderson, Alberto Mingardi, Scott Sumner, and guest bloggers, the bloggers apply economics to a variety of topics from politics and finance, to history and pop-culture.

Popular topics: General economics


VOX is an awesome blog created by the The Centre for Economic Policy Research, which promotes research excellence and policy relevance in European economics. It covers a diverse range of research based analyses on policy and economic issues. The content can appeal to a diverse audience of economic students to professional economists.

Popular topics: Health economics, Global economy, Macroeconomics, Economic policy.

Pro Tip: Great for those looking to stay informed about current news impact on economics


The CEPR Blog is an American based blog about the latest briefings and activities at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) promotes discussion on important economic and social issues in an accurate and understandable manner. This blog is great for people looking to stay informed about the American economy.

Popular topics: U.S. Macroeconomic Policy


The Equitablog is published by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a research and grantmaking organization founded to understand how structural changes in the U.S. economy affect economic growth. The Equitablog posts about economic growth and equity in the United States, including must read links from around the web.

Popular topics: U.S. Economic Policy

Neighborhood Effects

Neighborhood Effects is a blog hosted by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. It originally focussed on the economics of small communities and neighborhoods, but now has expanded to a wider range of topics that affect global as well as local neighborhoods.

Popular topics: State and Local Economic Policy


The macroblog is hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and is authored by Dave Atlig and other economists from the Atlanta Fed. The Atlanta Fed’s macroblog gives its opinions on economic topics such as monetary policy, macroeconomic developments and financial issues.

Popular topics: U.S. Macroeconomic Policy

Multiplier Effect

Multiplier Effect is the blog of The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, an economics research organization. The posts focus on economic policy in the United States and the rest of the world, prompting a reasoned discussion on current issues.

Popular topics: Global economic policy.

Microeconomic Insights

The Microeconomic Insights blog posts summaries of high quality microeconomic research to inform its audience about global microeconomic issues. Its topics cover all areas of microeconomics, including development, health economics, environmental economics and international trade.

Popular topics: Microeconomics

general economics blogs

We didn’t categorize these economics blogs since they focus on a variety of topics. Browsing these sites regularly is a great way to start understanding economics or even to keep up with current economic events.

Marginal Revolution

Marginal Revolutions is currently one of the most popular economics blogs. It is written by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, both of whom are professors at George Mason University. In addition to a daily roundup of interesting links, the blog features some of the best economics debates on the web.

Popular topics: General economics

Pro Tip: This is an unmissable blog for anyone interested in real world implications of economics.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture, an excellent blog that looks at macroeconomic issues, is written by Barry L. Ritholtz. Barry is the founder of Ritholtz Wealth Management. The Big Picture breaks down and explains the latest economic news in great detail.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Calculated Risk

Bill McBride is the author of Calculated Risk, a highly influential blog about the U.S. housing market. Most posts relate to macroeconomic trends in the U.S. economy. Bill frequently posts a weekly round up of events and analysis of economic data.

Popular topics: Housing, U.S. Macroeconomics

Pro Tip: A great place to start to learn about the U.S. housing market.

Naked Capitalism

Yves Smith is the pseudonymous author of Naked Capitalism, a popular blog about the U.S. economy and the financial sector. Naked Capitalism was started to combat the underreporting of Wall St. and the economy by mainstream media. They don’t hold back any punches against government officials or corporate interests.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, Finance

Economist’s View

Mark Thoma, a Professor of Economics at the University of Oregon, writes about macroeconomics on the Economist’s View. He posts a daily round up of interesting blogs links, while sometimes writing his own detailed analysis in longer posts.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Grasping Reality with the Invisible Hand

J. Bradford DeLong was one of the first of the first economics bloggers and his continues to reflect that with a large number of links. DeLong is a Professor of Economics at U.C. Berkeley. His well thought out insights on macroeconomic issues makes this a must-read blog.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics


EconBrowser is a blog that provides an analysis of current economic data, issues and macroeconomic policy. It is written by Professor James Hamilton (University of California, San Diego) and Professor Menzie Chinn (University of Wisconsin, Madison).

Popular topics: Macroeconomic policy, Economics of Energy

Capital Markets & Economic Analysis

Capital Markets & Economic Analysis is written by Peter Richardson who has over 40 years experience as an economist. He routinely blogs about commodities like oil and gold and indicators like the stock market combined with clever insights makes this a high quality blog.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Robert Reich

Robert Reich is the former secretary of labor for the Clinton administration. He’s currently Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the U.C. at Berkeley. His blogging style is thought-provoking, direct and understandable.

Popular topics: General

The Undercover Economist

The Undercover Economist blog is a Saturday column written by Tim Harford, based on his best selling book the Undercover Economist. Tim very effectively breaks down complex economics concepts to explain “everyday economic ideas around us”.

Popular topics: General

Pro Tip: A great place to start for beginners.

The Baseline Scenario

The Baseline Scenario is a blog created after the financial crisis in 2007-2008 by Professors Simon Johnson (MIT Sloan) and James Kwak (University of Connecticut School of Law). The blog examins issues that plague the global economy.

Popular topics: General

Pro Tip: A great blog to learn about global economic issues.

Cafe Hayek

Cafe Hayek is a very popular economics blog by Professor Don Boudreaux (George Mason University) and Russ Roberts (Research Fellow at Stanford University). They argue against a Keynesian view of economics in today’s issues and governmental systems.

Popular topics: General

Chris Blattman

Chris Blattman is an Associate Professor at Columbia University. Through his blog, Chris explores statistics and cultural trends to examine poverty and political participation. His weekly links capture some of the best content on the web.

Popular topics: International development, economics, policy

On the Economy

On the Economy is an economics blog created by Jared Bernstein, former Chief Economist to VP Joe Biden. He applies his expertise of U.S. macroeconomic policy to distill the implications of important economic data and policy.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, Finance

Pro Tip: Gain meaningful insights on the U.S. economy

Economists Do It With Models

This site was started by Jodi Beggs, currently a lecturer at Northeastern University who has made many advancements for Economics in pop culture (like economics lessons in The Simpsons). Her posts appeal to a wider audience with easy to understand narratives, humor and wit.

Popular topics: Behavioral Economics

Dani Rodrik’s weblog

Dani Rodrik’s weblog is authored by economist and Professor Dani Rodrik (Harvard Kennedy School). His blog looks thoroughly at the underlying issues of global development.

Popular topics: Global Economics

The Money Illusion

The Money Illusion is a highly regarded economics blog by Scott Sumner, who teaches at Bentley University. Through his blog, he popularized the idea of targeting the Nominal GDP, an idea which was later endorsed by the Federal Reserve.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Pro Tip: A great blog for seasoned economists

The Angry Bear

The Angry Bear blog is a very popular multi-author blog. This left-leaning blog provides incisive commentary on U.S./Economics, law and politics.

Popular topics: Law, U.S. Economic policies, politics

Curious Cat

The Curious Cat covers economics and investing. Their goal to help regular readers become knowledgeable about the economy, investing and economics. In keeping with this aim, their superb content is written for a wide audience.

Popular topics: Economics, Investing

Pro Tip: A great blog for those looking to understand the stock market

Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal

Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal was created by Miles Kimball, a Professor at the University of Michigan. His core topics apply supply side solutions to macroeconomic issues and monetary policy. His arguments are well written and thoroughly researched.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Donald Marron

Donald Marron, Director of Economic Policy Initiatives at the Urban Institute, shares his thoughts on Economics and finance in his personal blog. It gives us a very clear take on current economic and policy issues.

Popular topics: Economics, Finance

Economics One

Professor John Taylor (Stanford University) blogs at Economics One, a blog suited fr more experienced economists. Here, he analyzes and gives astute commentary on mostly current macroeconomic issues.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, International economics

Long and Variable

Long and Variable is a blog about monetary policy and central banks. Authored by Professor Tony Yates (University of Birmingham), this blog is quite detailed and knowledgeable about global monetary policy.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, Econometrics


Weakonomics is written by an anonymous blogger who believes the individual behind the content doesn’t if the writing is good. And, yes the writing is good. The author writing about very interesting and relevant topics that makes for an entertaining read.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, Econometrics


Moneyness is an economics blog by JP Koning about economics, money and finance. He adds an unique perspective to money-related issues, and explains everything very clearly, this combination sets him apart.

Popular topics: Economics, Money


Azizonomics, by John Aziz, discusses economics at the intersection of technology and futurism, which results in some very thoughtful and absorbing posts like the economics of building the US-Mexico wall.

Popular topics: Economics, Technology

Quantitative Ease

Professor Carola Binder (Haverford College) shares her detailed and technical analysis of U.S. monetary policy, inflation and economic history at Quantitative Ease. Her commentary is spot on and well reasoned.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Offsetting Behaviour

This New Zealand based economics blog was created by two economists, Eric Crampton and Seamus Hogan. They explore a range of fascinating topics from sports economics to housing and much more. Sharp and easy to follow analysis.

Popular topics: General Economics

Dash of Insight

Jeff Miller runs Dash of Insight, a blog that showcases a hands-on approach to trading and investing. This approach is coupled with an instinctive and detailed analysis of market and economic trends.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, investing

A Fine Theorem

This blog summarizes recent economic research done by Assistant Professor Kevin Bryan (University of Toronto).  Since his field of research tends to focus on innovation, micro theory, and methodology, this is reflected in post topics, which are fairly easy to understand.

Popular topics: Microeconomics, economic research

Mish Talk

This highly praised global economics blog is written by Mike “Mish” Shedlock, an investment advisor. Mike provides profound comments on macroeconomic trends around the world, which makes this a must read blog.

Popular topics: Global economics

Pro Tip: This is a must-read blog for those looking to understand global economic trends

Mainly Macro

Mainly Macro is a near daily commentary by Professor Simon Wren-Lewis (Oxford University) on global macroeconomic issues. His excellent writing style and explanation appeals to economists and non-economists.

Popular topics: Global macroeconomics

The Everyday Economist

The Everyday Economist is a blog written by Josh Hendrickson, an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Mississippi. Josh’s flair for simple and readable writing on current economics issues makes this one of the best economics blogs for beginners.

Popular topics: General economics

Bradley Hansen’s Blog

Bradley Hansen is a Professor of Economics at the University of Mary Washington. He supplies commentary on economics, history, law amongst other things that interest him. His posts on economic history are particularly fascinating to read.

Popular topics: General economics, history


Oweznzidar is the personal blog of Owen Zidar, an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Like his field of research, he often blogs about fiscal policy issues and the economic impact of tax policies.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

The Leisure of the Theory Class

The Leisure of the Theory Class is written by a group of Economics Professors, who blog on a range of topics from politics to microeconomics. Game Theory forms a large portion of the posts, making this a blog better suited for individuals with a strong economics background.

Popular topics: General economics, Game Theory


Claus Vistesen, Chief Eurozone Economist for Pantheon Macroeconomics, is the author of Alpha Sources. This is an economics and finance blog that goes into great detail of explaining the implications of current events and macroeconomic issues.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, finance

The Slack Wire

Josh Mason, an Assistant Professor of Economics at City University of New York, blogs at The Slack Wire. This economics blog primarily revolves around macroeconomics issues and economic history, which Josh captures extremely well. He does an excellent job of analyzing economic news.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Conversable Economist

Conversable Economist is an economics blog by Timothy Taylor, who is the author of several economics books. Timothy goes deep into details about a range of topics, backing his arguments up with statistics and data.

Popular topics: General economics

Antonio Fatas on the Global Economy

Antonio Fatas is a Professor of Economics at INSEAD. Antonio highlights important economic data coming out central banks and analyzes the implications for us in a way that is readable by economists and non-economists.

Popular topics: Global economics

Barter is Evil

Barter is Evil is an economics blog where the author, Professor David Flynn (University of North Dakota) encourages the exchange of ideas on economics, economic history and statistics. His blog places an emphasis on the North Dakota economy, which provides us with great insight on the impact of the oil industry boom there.

Popular topics: General economics, North Dakota

The Grumpy Economist

John Cochrane, Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford, is The Grumpy Economist. But he claims to not actually be grumpy. On this blog, he provides detailed commentary backed with data and exceptional reasoning on current economic news, finance and policy policy.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, Financial economics

Rajiv Sethi

Rajiv Sethi is a Professor of Economics at Columbia University. His blog concentrates on economics, finance and statistics. The posts are more technical and require previous economics knowledge to follow along.

Popular topics: General Economics, Finance, statistics

Danny Quah

Danny Quah’s personal blog chronicles the shift in the global economy towards the east, particularly China. Quah is a Professor of Economics and International Development at the London School of Economics. Despite Danny’s fame for his research techniques and analysis, his writing style is easy to comprehend.

Popular topics: Global Economics

New Monetarist Economics

Stephen Williamson, Vice President of the St. Louis Fed, guides his readers through a very in-depth view of current monetary policy and economics. This blog is recommend for people with a deep knowledge in economics and math.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Macro and Other Market Musings

This macroeconomics focused blog by David Beckworth, an associate Professor of Economics at Western Kentucky University, has recently launched an awesome podcast that features well-known economists, many of whom are featured on this list. David’s blog highlights is a great place to start to learn about specific economic events.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics


David Andolfatto, Vice President of the St. Louis Fed, created MacroMania as a resource for people wanting a better understanding the Fed’s marcoeconomic policy. His commentary is incisive and thorough, particularly his thoughts on Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Greg Mankiw’s Blog

This is one of the most popular economics blogs amongst students. The author Greg Mankiw, a Professor of Economics at Harvard University, has created some unique content like a principles of economics rap and animated video. His advice for student is extremely relevant for anyone studying economics.

Popular topics: General economics

Pro Tip: A must read blog for students and beginners

Roger Farmer’s Economic Window

Roger Farmer is a Distinguished Professor of Economics at UCLA. His blog is filled with commentary on Federal Reserve policy and other macroeconomic topics. His views are a self-described “blend of Keynesian and classical ideas.”

Popular topics: General economics

The Bonddad Blog

The Bonddad Blog is authored by Hale Stewart, a financial advisor. His blog publishes an invaluable weekly economic review on the Bond Market, International Economics, and Equity and Economics. These links along with his highly detailed review of economic trends makes this one of the top economics blogs

Popular topics: Macroeconomics, finance


The Econospeak blog, which succeeded MaxSpeak (co-founded by Barkley Rosser, a Professor of Economics at James Madison University and Max Sawicky, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute) is a multi-author blog . Self-described as “annals of the economically incorrect”, this frequently updated blog analyzes daily news from an economic perspective, but requires a strong economics background.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Supply and Demand (in that order)

The Supply and Demand (in that order) blog by Professor Casey Mulligan (University of Chicago) examines various economic issues like fiscal policy, labor economics, and industrial organization using basic economic tools. The blog has pivoted to cover more health economics lately.

Popular topics: General economics, health economics

Managerial Econ

Managerial Econ is hosted by a group of economists who have written a managerial economics book together called Managerial Economics. This blog add an economic analysis to quirky topical news like why uber drivers are more efficient than taxi drivers.

Popular topics: General economics

The Dangerous Economist

Cyril Morong, who teaches economics at San Antonio College, is the Dangerous Economist. Cyril picks up on some very interesting articles in the news with his own comments. This blog is very easy to read and great for people wanting to see how economic principles appear in everyday news.

Popular topics: General economics

True Economics

Constantin Gurdgiev, a Russian economist based in Dublin, is the creator of True Economics. His blog covers economic ideas and analysis on current news stories and global economic events. Given the level of detail, this blog is more suited for people familiar with intermediate macroeconomic concepts.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Pro Tip: Gurdgiev gave an eye-opening TEDx talk on the future of the gig economy

Everyday Economics Explained

Dr. Constantinos Charalambous, an Assistant Professor of Economics at PA College, is the Everyday Economist. The blog is very comprehensible for non-economists and Dr. Charalambous does a spectacular job of trying to teach everyone to learn to their inner economist.

Popular topics: General economics

Pro Tip: Gurdgiev gave an eye-opening TEDx talk on the future of the gig economy

Growth Econ

Growth Econ is a blog by Dietrich Vollrath, an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Houston. It serves as a well-written take on various macroeconomic issues. This blog is better suited to people with a strong economics background.

Popular topics: Macroeconomics

Pro Tip: Gurdgiev gave an eye-opening TEDx talk on the future of the gig economy

regional economics blogs

These economics blogs are focussed on particular regions or countries outside the United States.

Stumbling and Mumbling

Stumbling and Mumbling is a personal blog of Chris Dillow, an economist who spent eight years with one of Japan’s largest banks. He blogs about British politics and provides thoughtful analyses on the British economy and sports.

Popular topics: British Economy, politics

John Quiggin

John Quiggin’s blog focuses on Australian economics and politics. He delivers an interesting perspective on current events in Australia. He also hosts a weekly ‘sandpit’ forum style discussion.

Popular topics: Australian economics, politics

Pro Tip: A great blog for Australian economics and politics


EconomicsUK is the personal website of David Smith, the Economics Editor of The Sunday Times, London. His easy to understand writing and clearly defined causes and consequences makes this an accessible blog for beginners.

Popular topics: European economic issues and policies.

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

The Worthwhile Canadian Initiative blog is a self proclaimed “mainly Canadian economics blog”. Written by a group of intelligent economists, this blog is filled with top quality posts ranging from health, finance and inequality.

Popular topics: Canadian economics

Pro Tip: A great blog for Canadian economics.

Mostly Economics

Mostly Economics is an India focussed economics research blog run by Amol Agrawal. He covers a wide range of economic topics while frequently updating his audience on the Indian economy.

Popular topics: Indian Economics

Economics for Public Policy

Economics for Public Policy was created by Miles Corak, an Economics Professor at the University of Ottawa. It focuses on the intersection of economics and public policy. Through his blog he educates his audience on how economics can inform better public policy, particularly in Canada.

Popular topics: Canadian economics, Public policy

specialized economics blogs

These economics blogs cater to mostly specific topics in economics like econometrics, health or environment.

The Incidental Economist

With the strength of over half a dozen regular contributors, who are professors and researchers, The Incidental Economist is one of the most formidable health economics blogs. They blog about the U.S. health care system, how it works and how it could be improved.

Popular topics: Health Economics

Pro Tip: A great place for those looking to learn about Health Economics.

Healthcare Economist

Healthcare Economist was created by Jason Shafrin, a Senior Research Economist at Precision Health Economics. His blog is filled with unbiased and research driven critiques of today’s healthcare issues, which sometimes is hard to find given the political divide in American healthcare.

Popular topics: Health Economics

Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics is a blog intended for a wide audience and approaches its arguments with an easy to understand writing style. The two authors, Tim Haab and John Whitehead are both Economics Professors.

Popular topics: Environmental Economics

Truth on the Market

The Truth on the Market blog was formed by a group of law professors and economists. They supply interesting commentary on the business law area using current news issues. They cover the impact of topics like antitrust, industrial organization from a legal and economic perspective.

Popular topics: Economics and business law. 

Peter Gordon’s Blog

Peter Gordon is a Professor Emeritus at U.S.C. where his research interests include applied urban economics. Through this blog he dissects the economic effects of infrastructure investments or natural calamities.

Popular topics: Urban Economics

The Sports Economist

The Sports Economist is authored by group of authors who apply economics to sports news. The writing style is accessible to a broad audience. The idea of using economics and sports makes for an entertaining read while still being educational.

Popular topics: Sports Economics

An Economic View of The Environment

An Economic View of The Environment is a blog by Robert Stavins, who is a professor at Harvard University and is the Director of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program. His posts paint a comprehensive view of global environmental issues from an economic standpoint.

Popular topics: Environmental Economics

Pro Tip: An authoritative view on environmental economics

Knowledge Problem

Knowledge Problem was created by Professors Lynne Kiesling (Northwestern University) and Michael Giberson (Texas Tech University). They explore topics and breakdown current news related to anti-trust and energy economics.

Popular topics: Energy Economics

The Academic Health Economists’ Blog

With over half a dozen economists and researchers, the quality of posts at The Academic Health Economists’ Blog on health economics is outstanding. The site’s aim is to provide an unbiased debate on health economics, which is does by representing a variety of views and opinions on current events.

Popular topics: Health Economics

Cheap Talk

Written by two professors at Northwestern University, Jeff Ely and Sandeep Baliga, this blog mostly discusses economic and political issues and other interests of the writers. The posts are interesting to read because they cover very unique everyday topics.

Popular topics: Behavioral Economics

Fight Entropy

Professors Jesse Anttila-Hughes (U.C. San Francisco) and Solomon Hsiang (U.C. Berkeley) are the minds behind Fight Entropy, a blog about the global environment and economic development. Using statistics and econometrics, they evaluate policy and argue for sustainable development.

Popular topics: Environmental Economics

Econometrics Beat

This informative blog by Dave Giles, a Professor of Economics at the University of Victoria. has a strong econometrics focus. The posts are filled with information and data. This blog is suitable for readers with a background in statistics or econometrics.

Popular topics: Econometrics

Separating Hyperplanes

Separating Hyperplanes is a health economics focussed blog by Matthew Martin. This blog analyzes current healthcare related events, health policy in the U.S. and economics in a very conversational and comprehensive tone.

Popular topics: Health Economics

Capitalism’s Cradle

Anton Howes’ essays on economic history make for a fascinating read. Very simple to follow, the posts on Capitalism’s Cradle provide an interesting perspective on a topic we rarely think about, like how certain policies in 18th century Scotland boosted productivity and the lessons we can still apply today.

Popular topics: Economic History

Environmental and Urban Economics

This site by Matthew Kahn, a leading American educator in the field of environmental economics is self described as a blog that addresses environmental and urban issues from an environmental perspective. This is a great read for economists interested in the environment.

Popular topics: Environmental Economics


Urbanomics is a site by Gulzar Natarajan that mainly discusses economics of urbanization and macroeconomic trends. The author’s arguments are well researched and written. This site also features weekly recommended reading links that the author adds commentary to. Recommended for readers with a strong economics background.

Popular topics: Urban Economics, Macroeconomics

Experimental and Behavioral Economics

Experimental and Behavioral Economics is a blog by Professor Muriel Niederle (Stanford University). This blog focusses on behavioral economics and experimental economics. Here, Professor Muriel posts from news websites and research papers often adding her own observations.

Popular topics: Behavioral Economics

No Hesitations

Francis Diebold, the author of No Hesitations, is a Professor of Economics, Finance and Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania. This blog aimed at more experienced economists and mathematicians, mostly focusses on dynamic predictive modeling in economics and finance.

Popular topics: Statistics & Econometrics

Stochastic Trend

Stochastic Trend by David Stern, is an Energy and Environmental Economist at the Australian National University. This energy and environmental economics focussed blog uses econometrics and modeling to base its arguments, which makes it a reliable resource but requires background knowledge to understand.

Popular topics: Energy and Environmental Economics


David Zetland is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Leiden University College in Den Haag, the Netherland and the creator of Aguanomics. This is a blog dedicated to a discussion of the economic and political factors affecting the way we manage water.

Popular topics: Water Economics

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